Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Falling and Pier 1 imports

This morning i woke up with a wonderful positive attitude, i thought to myself today i will get out of this funk i have been on. I made plans on going to Pier 1 imports ( since i had a gift card) to target then the grocery store. as i was getting ready to leave i received a call from my father in law who needed some papers we had. since my in laws live a block away i told him i would pass by and drop them off. As my jolly self was walking down the steps my shoe got stuck to something and i fell, i was so angry at myself since this isn't the first time it happened. i fell last month as well. i fell in the street while it was raining, that was more of a slip then fall. Anyhow i fell and i was so upset that i started to throw up, as i was throwing up i put so much pressure on my face that i popped both of my veins in my eyes! omg i looked like someone has bet me. anyways today wasn't as bad but i was a little upset and scared for my baby. i sat in the floor for a few minutes ( thank god my car was parked in the driveway in front of me so no one saw, as i sat there and gathered myself. to make it worst i was talking to my husband at the time and my phone and my purse flew everywhere. yes yes i am naturally clumsy with my hands but not my feet. ughh so i picked up the phone and cried to my husband. what a baby right?well anyhow i gathered myself up and passed by the in laws.

Then went to pier 1. ohh thank heaven for pier one. i picked up some new things and came home much happier. did i mention i passed by In-N-Out. hahha came home to this wonderful warm weather, but if you know me well you know i love love the winter time, if its raining outside I'm happy. we don't get much rain here in southern California. when it raining i am so happy, anyhow i really think it the baby who loves the warm weather. the sun felt so good in my skin. i decided to get my blanket and sit outside. such a nice ending to a day that started of wrong.


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Carrie Underwood
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  1. I'm glad you're trying to get out of that funk! You and only you can do it and the sun is the best thing to raise your spirits...just take it all in :D
    Love you sis