Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mommy to be!!


My name is Jennifer Ontiveros and i live in Lakewood,CA. I have been married to the most wonderful man since August 29,2008. Elvis and i are expecting our first born in july and we are very excited.

i wanted to create this blog to document my pregnancy and my new life as a soon to be mommy.

Here is a ultasound picture of our baby. =)
13 Weeks!


  1. congrats girl!! my first blog was very similiar to yours- blogging is a great way to express those emotions during pregnancy ;)

    looking forward to reading!

  2. thank you so much, i am luck to not have any morning sickness but i did have a miscarriage when we first got married so i am still a little nervous. also your baby girl is beautiful.

  3. Jen,
    Those are such cute pictures! You are right, you're married to wonderful Elvis. Congrats sis!