Monday, October 17, 2011

Ricky's Birthday!

We had a little get together with my sisters
to celebrated Ricky's Birthday.

It was nothing big just burgers and cake.

Here is baby Elvis on the Halloween spirit.

The onesie was a gift from his little cousin

Frankie. =)

Tons of pictures of my boy, what can i say. :]

Here are the kiddos as we call them, all of my sisters kids.

the 3 boys and 3 girls. love them all so much.

Here is little Elvis in his second costume,

doesn't he look adorable.

Make a wish Ricky!

Blowing the candles, he almost missed one.

Hahahaha Nina being silly...

The cutest wonder women ever!

She loves to it work it! ahaha love her.

Here are our jack o lanterns. i had two out of the six.

The last one on the right and the 3rd one from the right.

This week we are going to the haunted hayride in LA's Griffith park.

I've never been. but, i cant wait! love the holidays!

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