Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas with the Moralez Family.

 A week before Christmas i had my sisters over for a gift exchange,
my sister Nancy was going on a vacation to Mexico. so we got together and
did our gift exchange.
 As you can see i am obsessed with gingerbread! this is my Christmas theme.
Here is my niece Deseree! (11 years old) the oldest granddaugther on our
side of the family. she is also they only grandchild my parents meet.
very luck of her.
 This is Alfonso he is 8. He is an amazing soccer player and
plays for chivas USA. =) proud auntie!
 This is Ricky (5) the Perfect boy! my sister Gladys baby.
and her twin.
 This is Miss. Kaitlyn (5) she is very very smart just like
Desi. love you Kait
 My chunky love Lauren (18 Months)
She loves baby Elvis now but didn't love him
so much earlier. love u
 My special boy! baby Elvis my heart,soul
and love! 5 months! my sweet angel.
 My older sis Ruth
 Older sis Nancy.
 older sis Gladys. love you all girls. my life would
suck without my sisters.
my wonderful husband Elvis! love you so
much. thank you for taking care of us.

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