Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elvis 6 months...

Elvis turned 6 months on Friday December 30th 2011.
My niece Deseree wa spending the night and i had to drop her off
at home since she was going to Arizona for new years eve. i took her with
me to get Elvis 6 months shots and check up.
He is a very healthy boy. thank god
weight: 21 pounds even! 95%
length: 27 3/4 inches 90%
food: he is taking 4-6 ounces of formula.
he is also having carrot,.squash, oatmeal cereal and rice cereal.
update: he has two of his bottom teeth coming in. you can't feel them
but you can see them. i hope he has his daddy's perfect teeth.
activity: he loves his walker, he also loves his pal.

 here he is after his shots...crying his eyes out. my poor baby.
good thing big cousin Desi was there to hold him and love him. while
mommy made an appointment for his next visit. i told the nurse
my poor baby doesn't even get a lollipop or ice cream.
Ricky, Baby Elvis and Fonso.
to make him feel better he got to hang out with his favorite
cousins. sweet little Ricky was asking him if he was on.
baby Elvis would talk back to him in baby talk and Ricky
would tell him. i know. then he tells my sister mom
baby Elvis doesn't feel go. hahaha

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