Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fall can't get her fast enough...

Omg i finally caught up with the season finale of my favorite shows. 
Thanks to my DVR, i have been busy reading fifty shades of grey. 
Revenge needs to hurry and come back i need to know the answer to my burning question.
Is Victoria dead? i hope not the show will not be the same without her.  
 i watched the ending of The Secret Circle last week and oh my.
 Suburgatory is soo funny, i knew i would be laughing out loud. 
I don't like the girlfriend poor Tesa. 

Vampire Diaries is such a good show, i am totally in love 
with Damon. i know i know its for high school kids but i 
don't care i am smitten. I can't wait to see Elena as a Vamp plus 
i totally love that she met Damon first and now she'll remember 
after her compulsion is gone. I total love texting my little BIL 
about this show. hehehe yes he's in high school. ohh well 

Also i am glad summer is back to i can watch True Blood, i 
miss it. ahhh i was about to cancel HBO because we really don't 
want it but i remembered next month True blood is back! Darn you HBO!

Moving on to a show i totally loved last summer, 
MTV's Awkward.

This show is hilarious plus Jenna is smart and witty. i love this show 
kinda reminds me a being in high school. So fun plus the mean girl Sadie 
is soo funny, love her facial expressions. Your Welcome! hahaha 

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