Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Elvis's First Disneyland Trip...

 Today was a big day for Elvis! We went to Disneyland.
We have wonderful friends in wonderful places. hehehe
Happiest place on earth places.

My Husband close friend is an engineer at Disneyland. 
He invited me and baby Elvis to the opening of Carsland in California adventures.
It was only open for Disney employees and their families/Friends.
Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures or video, since it won't be open
for two! it is amazing. (can't say more)
 My beautiful boy and I at the entrance, a must. 
 To my wonderful surprise Elvis loved all the characters. 
 First up Pluto, oh my Mr. Pluto got hugs from him,
 Even kisses.
Look at that face pure joy and innocents. 
 princess castle. 
 A must for first time Disney visitors. Can i keep it mom? 
 Ever Californian boy needs a pair of Mickey ears!
 Then he got mad at me because he wanted woody's
cowboy hat, it was too big sorry.
Then he say the tea cups and all was forgotten. 
 waiting in line to ride the CRAZY tea cups, yep my 
favorite ride. 
 kissing mama while we wait, time well spent.
 We are ready!
 OMG mama this is soo fun! he was in love, like mother like son.
 Faster boys!

 Mama let me go...nope sorry. over protective mama bear. 
 Sweet innocent boy.
 look at him go, like a big boy.
 ohh lord its a small world was a disaster.
 Disaster with a capital D. All was good as you can see above, then
He got bored, started screaming his head off. 
Today i was that mom
with the wild crying baby, to make things better the ride broke down
and we had to seat and wait. While my 11 month old soon to be 1 year old cried 
bloody murder, he started it, then my friends little started screaming wanting 
out of the boat. ohh fun times. we knew it was time to go. 
Ten minutes later, i check on Elvis and his is what i see. 3:30 pm.

Disney-1 Baby Elvis-0. 
hehehe it was wonderful long day. We spent most of your 
morning in Carsland so there is no pictures. Darn you Disney. 

Listening to Glee- Maybe this time featuring Kristen Chenoweth....
love her

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