Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romance Writers of America Convention

When I told my friends is was going to a book convention, i received a "nerd alert" text. 
Hehehe what can i say i love romance novels. Like i total my friend "i love, love". 
My family would say i am in love with love. ha 
Nora Roberts had a huge line, so we thought it would be better to go visit the 
other authors and come back if we got luck and the line died down, and sure enough it did.
She had already sold out of books but i got a picture. =] She looked amazing. me? 
not so much. 
As soon as we walked in i made a run for Sylvia Day, the creator of Gideon Cross.
She was super sweet, i got two books one for me and one for my 
sister who was stuck in traffic. Good thing I did her books sold out too.
Here are some of her other books. 
I may or may have not been stocking Sylvia Day. I may have gone back
twice to get a new picture, my hair was a mess. The life of a stay at 
home mom, sometimes you can flat iron your hair other days you 
look like hot mess in front of your favorite authors. ohh the life.
But the best part was to know Gideon was sending his love. 
ah Mr. Gideon Cross I need my fix soon Sylvia, October seems life times away. 
 Here are my summer reads, well for a week or two. 

 I totally love this! ha! so true. 
(Rebecca Zanetti)
As we were walking away i notice this book, i had to stop and meet they author. She was super sweet and friendly. So i bought the book then she told me it's a series. oops this is the forth book. 
i guess i need to buy the rest. i love her note. hehehe 

 The book is the Hunted By Rebecca Zanetti. 

(Mary Kay Andrews)
Ok so as we were walking all over i notice, this book and thought to myself, 
omg i know i have seen this book but where...ohh yeah Target my favorite store. 
So i went over and talked to Mary and got my booked signed. 
She was extremely nice and funny. 
( with Simone Elkeles)
 So my friend Maria loves this series and we had to stop by and 
get her book signed. i was just being a wing women when she asked me if 
i wanted a picture and poster. i told her sure. she was super funny. 
i told her i loved her fascinator  and she told her her kids aren't very 
fond of it. She lives in Chicago so California was far enough so she 
could wear it. (she got it in Paris) 
 Maria and I at the end of the convention. 
 With her favorite Author Tina Folsom.

So that's all folks 
over and out. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bass Lake, CA!

 i love collages, so i had to do this!
 Angelica bought her daughter so tattoo but the adults got a hold of them,
then everyone has princess tattoos...even the boys...look above as Eddie
got his whale tattoo...hahaha   
 The girls cooking and getting things ready for the lake. 
 While we got we got the food ready, the men pumped the tubes.
 The babies playing with the tubes...
 oh his drama mama....
 pump pump pump...hehehe
 walking with mama...
 The lake, yes heavenly and beautiful
 What i love is that the water is very shallow. so the kids have lots of room.

 My little man loves the water, 
 The boys setting the tent for the babies,
 crawling in the water...

 with his daddy getting ready to go tubing.

 with the mama...

The Elvis's with Emma...
 Proud american...
 I've always wanted a USA flag bathing suit.

 Fellow twilight lover...

 (i think i see him Edward)
 If you've ever been to Yosemite/bass lake you know there is so many 
beautiful trees and it kinda reminds you of twilight. 
 of course it's sunny and beautiful.
 Here is Ale looking for Edward, we thought we spotted him. ha 
We even left our windows open for him. sadly he didn't show up.

i love Bass Lake,Ca can't wait to go back. 
We are going back in August, for our wedding anniversary. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Creek Loving babies...

We had a picnic by a near by Creek.
 We ran into some wild life, this friendly deer. 
 My view, sometimes we forget to look up...amazing. 
 A day before i ran around looking for this, for my son.
 I had to drive to the Target in Compton for this. I got a little lost but i got it. 
 If you plan on going to the creek or river in Yosemite make sure you buy water shoes.
 Those rocks really hurt your feet...ouch
 Eating a snack...
 Little Elvis playing with the rocks while mama tanned. 
it was very relaxing....ahh the life
 He sat there for a long time, then when we were leaving the wanted to go to he water again.
ohh the drama...
 My hunny and i.
 He is such a good dad, i love this picture. 
 Elvis and Ivan playing with the rocks... such sweet boys. the love to kiss each other. haha
look at Elvis's face, he wanted nothing to do with taking pictures.

 The girls...

Back at the Cabin, we were having a bonfire and my little was so tired but wouldn't 
go to sleep...

Then i gave him his favorite fruit blueberries, an all was good in his world. 

more pictures to come.