Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 days until Bass Lake/ Yosemite!

 5 more days until, i'll be here with my little family and close friends.
I need to get so many things together, Elvis has been off all this week 
and i kinda feel of the bandwagon.
I have to go grocery shopping plus short shopping...Nordstrom here i come. 
its going to be in the 90's. Can't wait. 

I am here all alone while my boys went bike riding to seal beach,ca.

He got this as a birthday gift from my husband uncle. 
Everyone knows Elvis's loves ridding bikes, loves 
mountain  bike ridding.  so know he gets to go with 
his daddy. 
 before they left...

Here is the after math, my sweet boy.
I am also almost done reading this book. 
i love it, it's similar to fifty shades, but it's 
better written. i love both. Can't wait until 
October for the second book to come out. 

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