Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bass Lake, CA!

 i love collages, so i had to do this!
 Angelica bought her daughter so tattoo but the adults got a hold of them,
then everyone has princess tattoos...even the boys...look above as Eddie
got his whale tattoo...hahaha   
 The girls cooking and getting things ready for the lake. 
 While we got we got the food ready, the men pumped the tubes.
 The babies playing with the tubes...
 oh his drama mama....
 pump pump pump...hehehe
 walking with mama...
 The lake, yes heavenly and beautiful
 What i love is that the water is very shallow. so the kids have lots of room.

 My little man loves the water, 
 The boys setting the tent for the babies,
 crawling in the water...

 with his daddy getting ready to go tubing.

 with the mama...

The Elvis's with Emma...
 Proud american...
 I've always wanted a USA flag bathing suit.

 Fellow twilight lover...

 (i think i see him Edward)
 If you've ever been to Yosemite/bass lake you know there is so many 
beautiful trees and it kinda reminds you of twilight. 
 of course it's sunny and beautiful.
 Here is Ale looking for Edward, we thought we spotted him. ha 
We even left our windows open for him. sadly he didn't show up.

i love Bass Lake,Ca can't wait to go back. 
We are going back in August, for our wedding anniversary. 

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