Saturday, July 21, 2012

Creek Loving babies...

We had a picnic by a near by Creek.
 We ran into some wild life, this friendly deer. 
 My view, sometimes we forget to look up...amazing. 
 A day before i ran around looking for this, for my son.
 I had to drive to the Target in Compton for this. I got a little lost but i got it. 
 If you plan on going to the creek or river in Yosemite make sure you buy water shoes.
 Those rocks really hurt your feet...ouch
 Eating a snack...
 Little Elvis playing with the rocks while mama tanned. 
it was very relaxing....ahh the life
 He sat there for a long time, then when we were leaving the wanted to go to he water again.
ohh the drama...
 My hunny and i.
 He is such a good dad, i love this picture. 
 Elvis and Ivan playing with the rocks... such sweet boys. the love to kiss each other. haha
look at Elvis's face, he wanted nothing to do with taking pictures.

 The girls...

Back at the Cabin, we were having a bonfire and my little was so tired but wouldn't 
go to sleep...

Then i gave him his favorite fruit blueberries, an all was good in his world. 

more pictures to come.

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