Friday, July 6, 2012

Ontiveros Family Pictures Part 1

We took our family pictures about 3 weeks ago, we took them in Fullerton,ca. 
We had to walk 1/4 of a mile on a trail, plus my hubby had to carry all our props.
Thank god for Elvis's wagon. =)
Out of all our pictures this one is my favorite, i found problems with all the rest. ugh 

 Both of my boys looked great.

 our family!

 i love the way he loves this daddy.
 My sister Ruth is a big part of Elvis's life, he loves her so much, plus she 
is his godmother.

 Here is Elvis with his favorite cousin Frankie, little Frankie is a delight 
he loves to play with him.
 Sweet boys...
 Elvis made baby Elvis this plane for his birthday party! 

 i love gingham so i had to buy them theses hats. 
 Elvis looks up to his big cousin, look at the way he looks at him. 
more pictures to come...

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