Sunday, July 15, 2012


(my sisters and I. From Left to Right 
Nancy,Moi,Gladys and Ruth.)
I truly have the best sisters in the world, we have gone through 
the hardest times together.
i don't know if i could have survived without them. 
My mother raised us to be very close, she 
would always tell us that, nobody would
love us more than her, and that we need to love each other.
I am glad to know that from heaven she would be very 
proud of us, we have never been rivals. We see each others
accomplishments as our own. We love each others kids like
our own and are fiercely protective of each other. Mama 
you did great. We love you so much and there isn't a day
that goes by we don't think about you. Wonder what if? 

I hope that our kids love each other as much as we do. i 
hope my children become as close as we are. i will try to 
teach them what my mama though us, love each other, respect each other
and be there for each other.


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