Thursday, July 12, 2012

Throwback Thursday!

This pictures are from September 16 2007, Almost five years ago.
This was in celebration on mexico's independence day...
sorry to tell y'all this but it's not 5 de Mayo.
 With my Aunt Doryan 
                   They go all out in Mexico 3 days of celebration...
 With my favorite cousin in the world, he is the 
brother i never had. love you Beto
 With some sweet gals...
 the celebration is no stop from morning to night. 
 i loved it, it was such a blast, such a great experiences. 
a check on my bucket list.
With my Little cousin and sis Gladys...not so little anymore.
proud to be Mexican American, i love my culture
the passion in Mexicans.  
But i am a proud American, god blessed me with having 
such a wonderful heritage but, i consider myself 
a proud Mexican American. 

Is it 3 am yet?? i need my Bass Lake/Yosemite fix. 
ahhhh how beautiful is California! come visit us...

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