Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yosemite...Tunnel View

Two years ago we took a trip to Yosemite National Park with the family, 
my husband and feel in love the the peaceful and beautiful location and
promise to return every year as long as god allowed us to.  
 Last year around this time baby Elvis was only weeks old, we thought a 5 hour 
trip was too much for our first born. 
 This year we were ready, we rented a little cabin in Oakhurst, Ca. Oakhurst is 13 miles away from the yosemite south gates. 5 mintues away from Bass Lake CA.
 Here we are ready for the hour trip to Yosemite Valley with 3 little kids and 2 off them under 2. 
 We stop at the train station.
 It was very hot and humidity, there had been a thunder storm before we arrived Friday morning. 
 My husband helping me look for Edward Cullen hehehe 
 Our Friends Angelica and Ivan.
 The boy. 

 My husband friends where making fun of him for being jealous of a fictional characters. 
hahaha i love you hunny 
it was so hot, i was sweating after 5 minutes of getting off the car. 
 My husband has the best smile i have ever seen in my life, perfect teeth (no braces).

 The loves of my life.
 I think Elvis was ignoring his mamas  
 It was so hot and i was only wearing my water shoes and my feet where on fire!
 Beautiful View of half dome,Yosemite Valley and El Capitan.

 Heaven on earth...It doesn't look real y'all, even when it's staring you in the face.

 With Our friends...
 our beautiful family.
 Elvis wanted to walk everywhere, but there was so many people around.
 But daddy always gives in.
 Mama almost had a heart attack.
 i love these little boys, super cute! 
 All the ladies and litte lady. 
(moi,Angelica,Emma,Joann and Alejandra)

 The boys...
(Elvis,Eddie and Ivan)
 The littles....
In 90 degrees weather the boys needed a juice break!
 With their daddies...drink up boys...
This juice is delicious mama!
Next up 

                           Bridalveil Falls

more pictures to come..

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