Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy 4th Year Anniversary

Four years ago i married the most amazing man ever, i love you so much and can't wait to have many more Anniversaries with you, i love you so much!
 Me before the wedding! make up and hair by moi!
After the i do's kept we only got married at a court house in
Laguna Hills,CA. Fancy huh! 
(better than the LA court house)
We went to the OC of course!

my older sister also got married here check out the picture frame. 
My grandma! since my parents couldn't be there. 

love you Elvis and always will...


Monday, August 27, 2012

Last summer days at Bass Lake DAY 1

 Early Friday morning ( 4 am early) We packed the car and head out
to Bass Lake, it was a 5 hour drive so we wanted to avoid Friday morning 
traffic since we have to go threw LA and if you live in SoCal you know it's 
crazy. With a capital C. 
Since we arrived at 9:30 am and check in wasn't until 3 pm, 
We head down to the Lake to kill time and enjoy our view.

 We check in to our cabins, we had to since we had a so many people. 
( little Ricky (5))

 The view from our deck, heavenly i know. 

 We stayed at Miller's Landing, here is a view of the 
store and restaurant. 

 Kaitlyn (6) getting ready to go to the little store with her tia. 

 Desiree (11) likes to spent time with me. So we were having girl talk. 

 Then the littles found us, my baby boy was taking in nap with daddy.
 Sweet kids i love them so much. 
Kaitlyn 6,Ricky 5, Desi 11 and Fonso 9.
 Up from his nap y'all. He was in a bad mood, i think he wanted more sleepy time. 

 Then he thought nope i just want my mama. 
 He wasn't happy that i put him down.

 Yep then he cried because he wanted my new camera. ohh the drama for his mama.

 Ricky,Elvis and me.

 Miller's landing was having a party for the last summer nights...All the locals came over.
It was great to see all the young and old partying together. This would not happen in 
the big city. love there since of community. 

 The party...

We took a beautiful night walk.
 Then we went out to party with the locals. 
Hehehe we love to dance in this family. 

 Kaitlyn is a dance machine, while Fonso was warming up. boys. 
 My boys came out to dance, but there was too many kids around for Baby Elvis to
care about looking at mama's camera. 

 He is ready to dance now i think. 

 There you go Fo. 

 Letting loose like a goose. 

 this is it for the first day.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frankie's and Elvis's Birthday!

Last week my husband turned 27! 
His birthday was on a Thursday so when he got home i has a little surprise for him. 
He loves steak and chocolate so i baked him a chocolate cake and make chocolate 
covered strawberries for my main man. =]
I can't believe how little my baby was a year ago!! 
In our family we have lot of birthdays in August!

Our Nephew Frankie turned 5 on Sunday, so they
has a little party for him. i made his birthday banner and
Elvis made the stop light. the Theme was race cars! 
Frankie is also Elvis's godson. =)

Baby Elvis with his favor big cousin Desi, she spent the weekend 
over and was a great help, i always love having her around. 
Love you Desi

Frankie with his daddy (BIL) 
Since it was my husband birthday they also had a cake for him.
Frankie acting shy, when he was younger he didn't like for us to sing
Happy Birthday. i think he is doing better now. ;)

It was the Elvis turn, 

Elvis want to stick his fingers in the flame, ahhh
Helping daddy blow the candles...
Take a bit!
Baby Elvis loves sweets just like his daddy,
Big sweet tooth...

i married a 10 year old, hehehe getting into a cake fight with his 
Us in the jumper hehehe 

 My boys...
Tomorrow we are headed back here, (Bass Lake/Yosemite National Park)
 but with the family
this time around. All my sisters, my cousin Ariana (the bride to be)
and her bestie Edith the (MOH)

I can't wait i need a vacation asap, my boys have been sick all
well and thank god i have no succumb to the sickness.
Thank you Jesus. =)

Alright i need to go back bye y'all.

torn -natalie imbruglia
Throw back Thursday song....ahh
the 90's good ol' days.