Wednesday, August 1, 2012

American Pride + Baby Elvis Phelps...

I have been so into the Olympics, that i barely got caught up with my house cleaning.
Omg i totally cried when the fab five won gold. I was so happy for them! i asked my sister: "is it mean of me to 
have been happy to see the Russian girls make all those mistakes? " 
She said yes oops...she felt bad for them. All i saw was 
GOLD! hehehe 

I was also proud to see that McKayla Maroney  is a local girl for Long Beach, CA.
I was filled with pride and joy to see that. Love the LBC!

Mr. Michael Phelps, I totally love this guy, sure Ryan Lochte is a hottie, 
but in my heart Michael has always been #1. 
I was so happy to see him win his 19 th metal last night.
 i love the way he loves his mama. 
I love the way he is so driven and focused. 
He is the greatest American athlete, and
who ever says otherwise, he has 19 medals Olympic to prove it! Ha
Did i mention i love the fact that he shares my sons birthday! 
June 30th! Woohoo
I've call my son Baby Michael Phelps! Ha! 
What can i say my son loves loves the water,
he isn't afraid of the water he loves to go in his baby pool,
He is in an out of it.  like crazy
 Here he is at the lake with his daddy! he was all 
over the lake like a pro. 
Last week at a local Water park,  

This is the funniest picture ever, you see that small pool, 
well that pool belongs to my son, but he got kicked out. 
By the big kids! We called it the Jacuzzi hehehe 

My son was happy at the big pool, he was even
doing laps around the pool! Ha omg 
(after a long day of swimming) 

i think i have a Michael Phelps in my hands.
love you sugar!
( Yes he has like 6 different swim trunks) 


Go Team USA

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