Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 2012

 Our morning started out with this.
the Ontiveros family was headed to Oxnard ca for the 
cowboys training camp.
 It was a two hour drive out to oxnard.
 i was telling my husband mmm i know why they train in California,
besides the fact that our state is awesome. 
 i was telling my husband imagine training in dallas summer heat. ohh lord that would be 
 so we are glad to have them in our state as long as they want.
mr. jones better not move them. ha
 but its not all roses over here in cali, we are currently going threw a heat wave, 
yup we are hitting the high 90's.
 The wonderful thing about Oxnard is that it's not as hot.
 It was 75 degrees but it felt like 80, anywho 
 All trying to get these boys to smile, well Ivan is wonderful Elvis is the one busy body. ugh 
 Aren't they super cute!
 He wanted mama, look at his family. ohhh the drama..
 Here is Elvis with daddy while we waited to walk in.  
He is a RUNNER!
 he bolts all the time.

Here are the boys warming up.
 There is Tony Romo #9. 

 Ahh there is my man my favorite cowboy Jason Witten #82.
 Tony passing the ball...

 Witten again...=]

 How close are they eek!

Go Cowboys!!

 Elvis and I.
 The pro shop...

 My love with his New Jersey an early birthday gift from my sisters. 
 Elvis and Ivan.
 My love and i. 
 Moi! my Jersey is Miles Austins, they didn't have Witten in my size, 
but it's ok by some has Witten's.

 The love of my life...

The mamas Angelica and I.


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