Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frankie's and Elvis's Birthday!

Last week my husband turned 27! 
His birthday was on a Thursday so when he got home i has a little surprise for him. 
He loves steak and chocolate so i baked him a chocolate cake and make chocolate 
covered strawberries for my main man. =]
I can't believe how little my baby was a year ago!! 
In our family we have lot of birthdays in August!

Our Nephew Frankie turned 5 on Sunday, so they
has a little party for him. i made his birthday banner and
Elvis made the stop light. the Theme was race cars! 
Frankie is also Elvis's godson. =)

Baby Elvis with his favor big cousin Desi, she spent the weekend 
over and was a great help, i always love having her around. 
Love you Desi

Frankie with his daddy (BIL) 
Since it was my husband birthday they also had a cake for him.
Frankie acting shy, when he was younger he didn't like for us to sing
Happy Birthday. i think he is doing better now. ;)

It was the Elvis turn, 

Elvis want to stick his fingers in the flame, ahhh
Helping daddy blow the candles...
Take a bit!
Baby Elvis loves sweets just like his daddy,
Big sweet tooth...

i married a 10 year old, hehehe getting into a cake fight with his 
Us in the jumper hehehe 

 My boys...
Tomorrow we are headed back here, (Bass Lake/Yosemite National Park)
 but with the family
this time around. All my sisters, my cousin Ariana (the bride to be)
and her bestie Edith the (MOH)

I can't wait i need a vacation asap, my boys have been sick all
well and thank god i have no succumb to the sickness.
Thank you Jesus. =)

Alright i need to go back bye y'all.

torn -natalie imbruglia
Throw back Thursday song....ahh
the 90's good ol' days.


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