Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being a mama

Being a mama is hard work y'all, it is definitely not a walk in the park. I am a stay at home mama and today was just one of those day. i wanted to scream,cry ugh...i didn't of course. 

1. first off I have been on the worst funk ever. i am pretty good with keeping up with laundry and cleaning around the house but it's been like a week that i have done a lot of nothing. i do little thing but not like before. before by 2 pm my house would be clean and i could sit down and relax. i feel so stressed out!

2. My son fell off the bed today and fell head first, i was in the kitchen getting something for him and next thing you know i hear a bang. At first i thought it was his toy, because he loves throwing things off the bed. I walk into the room and see him in the floor. He was about to start crying but couldn't catch his breath. ughh i felt horrible then he cried and cried and i took me for ever to calm him down. Thanks to mama he has a big shiner. I call by husband,sisters, and mother in law. I was stressing out inside.

 I try to always be calm, cool and collective. Things happen and he is a kid he is going to fall and hurt himself that's just life and I was try to remember that.

3. After that he just wanted me to hold him and it killed me to see how sad he looked, he is such a wild child, strong willed and always happy with a big smile on his face. He truly is a free spirit and goes at the beat of his own drum. (like mama)

Thank god hours later he felt at better and was back to being himself. Elvis = trouble.

This passed weekend we went to Redondo Beach,Ca.

My sis Ruth and I where talking and she said you know we had a
great summer. i totally agreed until 
 We notice that we hadn't been to the beach all summer!
Mmm how is this possible:
Yosemite Check
Lake check (twice)
Las Vegas check
Beach??? whaaa??

 so we went to the beach!
 The first day off Autumn in SoCal looks like this.
My son loves planes and boats so he was in heaven!

With nina looking a the sailboats. 

it was over overcast!

well that is all for today, i need to go back to my book while my little man 


Currently reading: 
Honor & Obey 
Teresa Mummert
(Honor Series Book # 3)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn in the air!

(wish it looked like this around here)

Autumn is in the air ( the hot California air) around here that mean a Halloween season is here!  That means the entire month of October is booked up with Halloween parties,a wedding, birthdays,pumpkin carving contest and pumpkin patch visits. i need to relax this week before my schedule get crazy! I am booked the entire month of October solid. I need to go to my garage and pull (which means my husband will) out all my Halloween decoration. My husband is going to hate me today. HA!

Happy Sunday!
off to make my boys pancakes!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Home Endeavour!

The Endeavour, moved to one of the finest zip codes around yesterday!
 As a Californian i was very proud and i was brought to tears. 
I was glad to see it in our state. (sorry Texans) 

Flying over the Hollywood sign! 
             Endeavour made it's last and final mission to South California yesterday, 
                            and it was exciting to see it fly over our local land marks.

Flying over the Angels stadium in Anaheim, CA! 
Go Angels! 
Flying over  Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Where the best school 

USC or course! 
Fight on! 
Flying over my hometown Long Beach,CA where
the Queen Mary rest. 
P.S if you ever come down to the LBC it is a 
must to visit the Queen Mary, she is fabulous and
other worldly.
Plus she is definitely haunted! 

Flying over California Adventures at Disneyland.
I love Disneyland, there can be a 10 Disneylands
around the world but our Disneyland in California 
was the first one! Where Mr.Disney's dreams 
began. i love this place. 

This is what was posted outside of the entrance at
the Disney parks.

I didn't get to see it fly by but lots of family member did and sent me their photos.

My sister Ruth lives in the OC and took this 
picture from her office. In Costa Mesa,CA

My sister in law Madonna was at school and took this 
picture from Downey,CA 

My husband is the funniest person ever, he wanted 
to be part of history too and posted this on instagram. 
"I see Endeavour"

I was pretty bummed out but i guess, i can wait to see it at the California Science Center soon. 


Friday, September 21, 2012

Awkward. Season finale Recap

So Miss. Jenna Hamilton made her choice and she picked Matty!!
Woohoo for us Team Matty! 
What a hottie that Matty! Besides, the hotness 
i really feel he had a better connection with Jenna.
Sure, he made a mistake but we all make them.
They are just better for each other plus, Jenna was
always super jelly when anyone tried to get with him.
She was NOT over him. Sorry Jake fans

Oh Sadie, the mean girl you love to hate. 
This may or may have not been my phrase all summer. 
In both Spanish and English, with lots of neck roll and sassyness. 
I think i drove my family crazy! 
I had my husband saying it and a few other amigos. 
"you have to be cruel to be kind."-Sadie 

Omg when she said this i couldn't stop laughing as a Mexican american
i was not offended at all. I thought it was hilarious. 
But that's just moi. 
i must admit if someone ever told me 
that i would give then a good peace of my mind. 
De nada!
My favorite character is Val! omg she is so hilarious.
 Everything that comes out
of her mouth is genius. 
The writing for this show is amazeballs. 
Growing up I always wanted to be a school counselor. lol 
My school counselor was amazing but not as cool as
Valerie! ha 

let's get down to the nettigritty! 
The season finale was last night and i was so 
1. Jenna picked Matty! I was so happy! 
2. Jenna and Tamara are going to Europe!
(The girls have a party to celebrate!)
 Lucky girls until Tamara 
finds out Jake took the last spot. 
She has a break down Tamara style ( dramatic).
3. All of the sudden Jake is a player lol,
he is the new Matty. All the girls want to be 
with him. he tries to hide from Lissa then
ends up in Ming's car, where Tamara is crying.
then one thing leads to another and they 
are making out! omg see this is why Jake 
and Jenna didn't belong together. he didn't
really love Jenna. If he loved her he wouldn't have made out 
with her bestie! Just sayin'.
4. We find out who is Jenna's Secret commentator 
5. Speaking of Clark if you don't watch this show, then you 
don't know he is Jenna's Gay friend. 
Sadie has been horrible to Clark, she outed him. 
So revenge was sweet for Clark as Sadie caught him
making out with Ricky (Sadie's Man). 
6. At the end Jenna gave Tamara her place,in order to 
stay with Matty this summer but 
she is still not sure about her and Matty.

Well, i will miss this show. 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Believe....

I am linking up with Erin over at
I believe in lots of things and i am sure, i left somethings out.
I blame it on the mommy memory lost.

I believe in....marrying the love of your life and best friend.
I believe in...make up sex...yup
I believe in...loving your childern unconditionally. 
I believe in...hugs and kisses.
I believe in...being positive
I believe receive respect you have to give respect. 
I believe kissing your baby 24/7.
I believe in...staying home and raising your children. ( if possible)
I believe in...iworking hard for what you want. 
I believe in...loving your pets like your children.
I believe in... imagination.
I believe in... sending Christmas cards.
I believe in...loving your nieces and nephews like your own children.
I believe in...not going to sleep angry.
I believe in...telling people you love then ever chase you get.
I believe in...watching trash TV.
I believe in...scrapbooking and crafting.
I believe and being there for each other.
I believe in...heaven and seeing my parents someday.

I believe in...not taking yourself to seriously.

I believe in...crying and not holding your feeling in.
I believe in...sister are your best friends.
I believe that shivery is still alive and well.
I believe in...trying to racing your sons to be gentlemen.
I believe in...dreaming in fairy tales.
I believe in girl time with real girls that love you.

I believe in... going to Yosemite/Bass Lake once a year.

I believe in...dressing up for Halloween no matter how old you are.

I believe in...Christmas being the best time for family and friends.
I believe in...Disneyland being the happiest place on earth, but not on the weekends.

I believe being the best way to get you cleaning your house.
I believe events for Halloween,Christmas and everything in between.

I believe in...dancing everywhere and anywhere. 
I believe that...people need at least two vacations a year! 
I believe in...decorating your house for each season and taking Christmas pictures.

I believe in...making people feel special and loved anytime possible. 
I believe in...a Margarita every Friday when my husband gets home. 
I believe in...having a cup of coffee every morning and making your own pumpkin spice latte. 
I believe in...celebrating your heritage.

I believe in looking for old pictures of your family.

I believe in... reading 4 books a month.
I believe in... laughing and making people laugh. 
I believe in...not judging peoples past, we all make mistakes.
I believe in...getting your make up and hair!

That's all for my believes today y'all. 

now i have to get back to my crying baby...


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last hurrahhhh!

mmm the pictures say it all! At TAO nightclub!