Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being a mama

Being a mama is hard work y'all, it is definitely not a walk in the park. I am a stay at home mama and today was just one of those day. i wanted to scream,cry ugh...i didn't of course. 

1. first off I have been on the worst funk ever. i am pretty good with keeping up with laundry and cleaning around the house but it's been like a week that i have done a lot of nothing. i do little thing but not like before. before by 2 pm my house would be clean and i could sit down and relax. i feel so stressed out!

2. My son fell off the bed today and fell head first, i was in the kitchen getting something for him and next thing you know i hear a bang. At first i thought it was his toy, because he loves throwing things off the bed. I walk into the room and see him in the floor. He was about to start crying but couldn't catch his breath. ughh i felt horrible then he cried and cried and i took me for ever to calm him down. Thanks to mama he has a big shiner. I call by husband,sisters, and mother in law. I was stressing out inside.

 I try to always be calm, cool and collective. Things happen and he is a kid he is going to fall and hurt himself that's just life and I was try to remember that.

3. After that he just wanted me to hold him and it killed me to see how sad he looked, he is such a wild child, strong willed and always happy with a big smile on his face. He truly is a free spirit and goes at the beat of his own drum. (like mama)

Thank god hours later he felt at better and was back to being himself. Elvis = trouble.

This passed weekend we went to Redondo Beach,Ca.

My sis Ruth and I where talking and she said you know we had a
great summer. i totally agreed until 
 We notice that we hadn't been to the beach all summer!
Mmm how is this possible:
Yosemite Check
Lake check (twice)
Las Vegas check
Beach??? whaaa??

 so we went to the beach!
 The first day off Autumn in SoCal looks like this.
My son loves planes and boats so he was in heaven!

With nina looking a the sailboats. 

it was over overcast!

well that is all for today, i need to go back to my book while my little man 


Currently reading: 
Honor & Obey 
Teresa Mummert
(Honor Series Book # 3)

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