Monday, September 3, 2012

Boating...Bass Lake,CA

 The second day we were at Bass lake, we rented a speed boat. 

                                     Half of us where at shore getting lunch together, while the
rest we in the boat.

 My sister's Family...
(Alfonso,BIL Tony, Ricky, Gladys, Alondra my niece friend and Desi!
 The kids in the Banana....
 The kiddos,

 It was my sisters Birthday that day! Happy birthday sis!

 My older sis and my hunny!

 Happy birthday beautiful!

 My sis Nancy and Lauren...

Brother in Law Enrique, Fo, Alondra and Desi.

 My turn! ohh lord, i screamed like a crazy women, my poor cousin, love you Ari! ha 

 i would not move at all! 

 Beautiful sis Ruth....
 Birthday girl....

 My BIL Enrique kept trying to turn us over...

 i was so nerves but, my honey was driving so i knew he wouldn't and he didn't thanks honey. 

 My cousin and i got in the boat and my hubs went on the banana while my cousin drove. 
 With Ricky...
 We are all very close to our nieces and nephews. They know we will always be there no matter what, we are like there second mothers.
 my cousin Ariana,Sis Gladys, Moi and Ricky.

 Ari is a speed demon! lord have mercy! :]
 The brother in laws and hubby!


 Took them forever to get back on.

 The hot hubby!
 had a mini photo shoot!
 MY sons twin...

 The flag girl, 

The life, i told my husband that when we retire i want to move to bass lake, he was very peaceful and the locals where great and friendly! 


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