Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Deeper by Megan Hart Review

DeeperDeeper by Megan Hart

Read from August 30 to September 04, 2012

4 stars 
Warning Spoilers, lots of them!

At the beginning i thought this book draged on, the novel was written in going to the past and back to the present. i loved reading the then, becuase the now didn't make sense and draged. The now had too much sex and i need emotion in my sex. i as just learning of their connection.

I thought Nike was a good guy who people like to gossip about. Bess kinda drove me crazy, how to you still stay with someone who has cheated multiple times. Ugh he was such a jerk (Andy). If my boyfriend didnt answer my call i would be done with him. Forget him shit!

oh my god, i am so sad about the ending of this book. i didn't cry but i can't stop thinking about Nike, i feel so bad for him. I felt like he was forgotten. I can't believe nobody looked for him, how did Bess not look for him or ask for him. She just moved on and didn't try. I felt horrible for him, i wish they would have found his body and for him to be at peace. I won't forget this book anytime so, i feel like at the end he did trust Bess and got nothing back. He loved her so much.

 When he finally told her how he died, i my heart broke. ugh I still loved this book because of Nike.

Quotes from this book that either made my heart weep or melt.

"i love you"she told him. "I think I loved you from the first time I saw you, and I have loved you for twenty years when I didn't know where you were. I won't stop loving you, no matter what else happens, Nike."

"It took my feet out from under me. And all I could think of was how you were waiting, and I was going to fuck it up again. How I was going to let you down."

oh lord, makes me want to cry now, shit.


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