Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Believe....

I am linking up with Erin over at
I believe in lots of things and i am sure, i left somethings out.
I blame it on the mommy memory lost.

I believe in....marrying the love of your life and best friend.
I believe in...make up sex...yup
I believe in...loving your childern unconditionally. 
I believe in...hugs and kisses.
I believe in...being positive
I believe receive respect you have to give respect. 
I believe kissing your baby 24/7.
I believe in...staying home and raising your children. ( if possible)
I believe in...iworking hard for what you want. 
I believe in...loving your pets like your children.
I believe in... imagination.
I believe in... sending Christmas cards.
I believe in...loving your nieces and nephews like your own children.
I believe in...not going to sleep angry.
I believe in...telling people you love then ever chase you get.
I believe in...watching trash TV.
I believe in...scrapbooking and crafting.
I believe and being there for each other.
I believe in...heaven and seeing my parents someday.

I believe in...not taking yourself to seriously.

I believe in...crying and not holding your feeling in.
I believe in...sister are your best friends.
I believe that shivery is still alive and well.
I believe in...trying to racing your sons to be gentlemen.
I believe in...dreaming in fairy tales.
I believe in girl time with real girls that love you.

I believe in... going to Yosemite/Bass Lake once a year.

I believe in...dressing up for Halloween no matter how old you are.

I believe in...Christmas being the best time for family and friends.
I believe in...Disneyland being the happiest place on earth, but not on the weekends.

I believe being the best way to get you cleaning your house.
I believe events for Halloween,Christmas and everything in between.

I believe in...dancing everywhere and anywhere. 
I believe that...people need at least two vacations a year! 
I believe in...decorating your house for each season and taking Christmas pictures.

I believe in...making people feel special and loved anytime possible. 
I believe in...a Margarita every Friday when my husband gets home. 
I believe in...having a cup of coffee every morning and making your own pumpkin spice latte. 
I believe in...celebrating your heritage.

I believe in looking for old pictures of your family.

I believe in... reading 4 books a month.
I believe in... laughing and making people laugh. 
I believe in...not judging peoples past, we all make mistakes.
I believe in...getting your make up and hair!

That's all for my believes today y'all. 

now i have to get back to my crying baby...


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