Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pool Party at Tao Beach!

On Saturday morning we woke up early and had breakfast at Denny's. 
Yep we just wanted some pancakes. 
Then we all got ready to go to Tao Beach, 
Tao Beach is located at the Venetian, and since we were 
guest at the Venetian and we had bottle service that night at Tao nightclub we got in
free! FYI it's 20 dollars for ladies and 30 for men.
We were rolling deep with 17 girls here are half.
All my cousins and sisters.
My sisters and I.
My sister Gladys is so crazy and funny, 
so since we were in Vegas she changed her name and 
we could only call her G-liana! omg we almost peed in 
our dresses! A man can up to her and asked her what her
name was. "My name is G-liana for Virginia!" 
hahaha really Virginia? She has no accent and they guy 
totally believed her! Ha
we had a blast, lots of dancing and girl talk. 
My sister in law and i Helen aka Madonna.
you can follow her at Helen

After we went out for a late lunch.

All the girls!

 G-liana and I. hahaha 
 My sis Ruth, Moi and G-Liana.

Yummy ya'll.

Next post Tao Nightclub! 

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