Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween with Family!

 On Sunday my sisters and their kids came over to
spent some time together!

My sideboard all ready for the kids!
My beautiful nieces and nephews!
 My little was Alfalfa from little rascals! 
16 months
 Moi! 26 
 Desi 11 years old.
2 days before she turns 12!
 with daddy!
 with Mama!
 Fonso 9!
 Ricky 6 years old
 Kaitlyn 6 years old
Frankie 5 years old.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Desi!

Happy 12th birthday Deseree!
 Your tia Jennie loves you so much and I will always be here for you!
Never forget that we have your best interest at heart!
I hope we stay this close forever
even when you become a teenager!
love you Desi!


Halloween Party # 2!

                                          We attended another Halloween Costume party!
Adults only so my baby stayed with his tia Gladys.
When we where brain storming on what we should be
for halloween we thought Wizard of Oz!
Then the men copied us but went as:
Wizard of OZ after
The zombie apocalypse!
omg copycats!
 My husband went as the cowardly lion.

 Yes i was born with that hair.
God given! HA
They always have a Halloween contest and here are the top 3.
Willy Wanka and Umpa Lumpas!

Wizard of OZ after
The zombie apocalypse!
Nome Gangam Style
 The girls!

 Put your hands up in the air!
 such a creppy picture! Angelica
did and anazing job on his face.
 Love my husbands make up!
Good job hun!
 With the Evil Witch!
 Tin girl!
We had a great time!


Halloween Card!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monsterrific Munchies!

Halloween is right around the corner and we had some many 
things i wanted to do before halloween is over. booo
 So yesterday we headed out to krispy kreme to get
some Halloween donuts!
omg the kids where so happy.
 love the little cute box! 
yummy! the kids where telling me to hurry and take the picture! 
 it was been extremely hot here upper 80's. So Elvis wore no costume. 
Kaitlyn,Emma and Frankie!
 My angel didn't even care for a donuts, he had juice. 
 couldn't get enough! Ha
so many thing happened this weekend,
two more party and Halloween!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

trunk or treat

Yesterday we attend a trunk or Treat at Elvis Alma mater 
(his Elementary school) lol 
My husband attended Patrick Henry in Long Beach, CA. 
This elementary school is amazing, very competitive and
has an amazing dual immersion program.
hopefully Baby Elvis will attend this school.  
He means monkey business! Ha 
The boys hanging out in the trunk.

We went around to look at some of 
the trunks. omg some where so good!

 looked way better in person!
 This is my favorite! 

love the magic ball!
our friends trunk

 Harvest Festival! 
i love you Elvis.

 i love Halloween!
 My little nieces had their first sleep over at tia Jennie's 
house! We spent some time with Emma 
and then the girls came home.

 I think i can handle 3 little ones pretty well,
i told my husband i think i am really for 
baby # 2. He doesn't agree lol 
i love doing little
girls hair! That's the first thing i did. 
My niece Kaitlyn knows me well
because that is the first thing she asked 
me to do as well.