Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Decorations 2012

 Halloween is possible my favorite holiday but Christmas is right up there. i love decorating my home for the holidays. My nieces and nephews always say that their Tia Jennie is always ready for the holidays. 
ahh they are so sweet. i am having two parties this year. one with kids they other adults only!
 Here is the outside of our home, i love it we try to add something ever year. 
We added the swap monster on the bottom right.
 the porch and pumpkins with Mr. Esqueleto during the day.
 Our grave yard, my cousin gives me such a hard time about not having plants in my planters oops. 
I suck, i cant kept them alive. 
 The top skull is my favorite item i own, 
The little mummy is so cute, this is my buffet table in the dinning room.
This mirror sits in my bar, all the kids get scared. hahaha 
I made a special Halloween dinner for my little family. 
My babies goodies, got him these things for the Halloween.
In my bay window, i love the candles holders. 
i have other items in my kitchen but i forgot to take pictures boo. 
In my sons room are all my priced goodies, i love all the Disney items. 

My little mans Halloween jammies!
 Our home at night...

i love the holidays!! Best time of the year.
Can wait to put my party these in the back yard.


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