Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Party # 2!

                                          We attended another Halloween Costume party!
Adults only so my baby stayed with his tia Gladys.
When we where brain storming on what we should be
for halloween we thought Wizard of Oz!
Then the men copied us but went as:
Wizard of OZ after
The zombie apocalypse!
omg copycats!
 My husband went as the cowardly lion.

 Yes i was born with that hair.
God given! HA
They always have a Halloween contest and here are the top 3.
Willy Wanka and Umpa Lumpas!

Wizard of OZ after
The zombie apocalypse!
Nome Gangam Style
 The girls!

 Put your hands up in the air!
 such a creppy picture! Angelica
did and anazing job on his face.
 Love my husbands make up!
Good job hun!
 With the Evil Witch!
 Tin girl!
We had a great time!


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