Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween through the years!

I love Halloween it is my favorite time of the year! 
There i said it! Sorry Christmas 
I was thinking of everything i have been through the
years and I can believe the thinks I've wore. one 
I will NEVER post! which is 2005
2006- Playboy bunny
Sister in law and I at west Hollywood, omg people really go all out!
I got this picture from good old myspace! 

2005- is forever lost and hopefully never to return. 
let's just say i have pictures but i wasn't wearing 
much clothes! 
2007- I was a pink lady from grease! Those pictures 
are long gone thanks to my laptop crashing!
2008- I had a miscarriage on my way to my
nephews Halloween party, so no pictures of that year.
just sad memories of a hospital stay. 
 2009- I was a vampire named Jane from Twilight 
and my husband was the devil!
 I think this picture is hilarious! 
 Mr. Ontiveros giving me the evil eye! 
 cheese! still sweet!
 2010- i was Alice and Elvis was a pirate! We never 
match! Boo! My mother in law made this
 My cousin Beto was here from Mexico, and 
he attended two Halloween parties with us. 
My SIL  was Beyonce 
 Party at our house! with my family and friends. 
With my sister Nancy, a witch! Ha 
this is too funny! Our friend Ivan is Jesus and his wife is 
the devil. 
you can never have too many goodies!
 2011- Last year i was Snow White and Elvis was Macho man Randy Savage!
He won first place!  
 Partying it up! lol 

Elvis II edition!
He had a lot of costumes last year this year he only has one. 
2011 BABY Elvis! 

 my sweet boy! 
soo big now....tear


2012 coming soon!

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