Monday, October 22, 2012

Ontiveros Adults Only Halloween Party

This past Friday we had a Halloween party.
We had a little maze, in the entrance of our house, people did get 
scared. lol we didn't take pictures boo. 
our wonderful friend took pictures with his fab skills.
My sister and her bestie, having drink.
Our crew, the people we hang with. We spend a lot of time together 
and so do our kids.

Brother in law and big sis.

i love how all are friends dress up every time, we mean business. 
with my dance partner, we love messing around. 

my husband made his costume like always. 

love you girls, cray cray ha

we were so busy and it's been very warm here in Cali 
so my husband's make up was sweating off.
My favorite picture, my make up looks good. 

We love to have a good time and parrrrty! 
The hamburglar and hamburger!


She was hungry...ha

i told all the men you brake my 
water dispenser and i'll cut u.
the big 3 so they
ahh my good glass! careful 

Happy Halloween!


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