Thursday, November 15, 2012

Elvis's First Hair Cut!

ahh My little boy got a hair cut! Well just a trim.
 See my little man has curl hair, thanks to yours
truly. ugh sorry son.
My Husband has been telling me "he needs a hair
cut, look at his hair". me: no he is fine that's his
signature style. lol
The problem my son has is that his
hair only grows in the back, so he has a bush as
we call it. My husband has been telling he for a
long time to get it trimmed, i have ignored him and kept
pushing it. Until this passed Sunday, lord it happened.
Grandma gave him his first hair cut, silly boy was
too busy dancing to notice grandma cutting his hair.

Doesn't he look handsome,
well he always does. love you.
love you Elvis

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