Tuesday, November 27, 2012

North Pole Breakfast 2012

We had our first North Pole Breakfast Sunday morning.
I got the idea from Jessica over at little pumpkin grace
i love her blog and she is very creative and a wonderful 
mama to her kiddos. 

So this year i invited my sister and their kiddos over for breakfast.
Snowman was the main theme, but my house is all gingerbread theme.
There was two new elves to add to our family.
Miss. Talulah, I wonder if she's Hawaiian. 
lol Take me back with you Talulah.
Hot chocolate and snow man pancakes.
here is the table before the kiddos woke up.
 Our bar and our new elf Curious George. 
Frankie was going to name him Police Officer 
but he changed his mind. lol
 Rupert was the host!
 I love this water dispenser, got Mr. Frosty
at Target last year.
The only girl elf is Talulah,
love her skirt Kaitlyn was so 
excited to see her.
Candy Cane kisses anyone?

Got these cookies at starbucks.

Here is a better look.
The cookies where so yummy.

oh hi Curious George... hanging out with 
 Michael Buble.

My sweet angel was so happy to
have his cousins over.

 making breakfast.
The kids watching The Elf in the Shelf

Meanwhile the hubby made the adults mimosas.
Desi reading the letters from the elves.
Kaitlyn and Ricky, they both where so happy
that their elf was home.
Lauren was too busy eating.

My baby doesn't want mama to feed him anymore.
He wants his fork in his hand not mama's.

 My men, i love you both. 
 Frankie is so funny he asked millions of
questions about his elf. 
"Tia Jennie where does he get his magic?"
"Can we keep him forever?
"Can you call Santa and ask him if i can keep him?"
"Can we drive him back to the North Pole?"
"If i touch him does that mean he won't go back since he
doesn't have magic?"
Lord... hehehe 

 My husband Ornament this year.
 Baby Elvis's Ornament.
 Mama's Ornament.
opening their gift.

I had such a good time, but this week was so busy 

I think i need a whole week to recover. 
We were going to take our Christmas photos today
but our friend cancelled. I was kinda glad. Half of
my house is upside down.
Tomorrow is laundry day. 
ohh so exciting. :/




  1. This is adorable!! How fun! Our elf just rang the doorbell this year but I'm thinking I may have to get on this breakfast train next year!!

    Visiting you from little pumpkin grace...

    ~Elisabeth@The Beekeeper's Granddaughter

  2. So adorable! I love the snowmen pancakes! And, how nice of your hubby to make Mimosa's for the adults!

  3. Hi, I found this post from little pumpkin grace. Very cute, I LOVE the snowman pancakes! :)