Saturday, December 29, 2012

Books of 2012

I read around 30 books this year, here are some of my favorites.
I have read a lot of contemporary romance this year. 
Yes i feel into the bandwagon. 
Here are my favorites, I started out reading Fifty Shades and 
like it but thought it was too repetitive. 

After that i was recommended Bared To You by Sylvia Day
and feel in love with Gideon Cross.
This is my favorite series this year.

Gabriel's Inferno is an amazing hot novel,
i wish i had a hot professor like Gabriel. 
Lots of Italian in this series.  

Oh Christian Grey, I feel in love with him
not so much with Anastasia.
I wanted to smack some sense into her. 
I love him, i feel like her character didn't evolve 
as much as he did.
Killing Kennedy was extremely sad,
so much hope and dreams set on him, 
for him to be killed.
i have always been in love with the Kennedy's since
high school. I even wrote my senor 
thesis on Jackie. I cry and laughed 
with his book. My favorite Kennedy 
is Robert Kennedy. (Bobby)

If you know me personally then you know
i love Selena. Since i was a child she was my
role model. She was Mexican American like me
and was a hard working women in an industry that
is ran by men. So when she was killed i was devastated. 
I still remember that day like it was yesterday. March 31 1995. 
When her widower Chris Perez said he was writing a book,
i was so happy. He is such a wonderful man, very respectful of
her memory and loving. I like most HUGE Selena fan knew most of 
these stories, but i was nice to hear his side of the story. I love 
Chris Perez and Selena.

Lord Deeper is such a hard book to 
describe, I was very sad for days after 
reading this book. but i don't regret it.
I won't forget this Character in a long time.

Currently reading 

Hopefully for my Birthday i'll get a kindle Fire. ;)

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