Tuesday, February 19, 2013

valentine's day

It's Been a busy week for us, Wednesday was 
Ash Wednesday so we got dressed and 
headed out to mass.
My boy and I after Mass, i am giving up soda for
lent! lord help me
 \Yesterday I got my boys some goodies.
 Just something small...
 Elvis gave these out to his family
and friends.
Leaving his favorite cousin/babysitter her goodies.
My Husband has the biggest sweet tooth ever.
so for Valentine's day i gave him a box full of candy
and cookies. =D

Yummy See's Candy...then he tells me
:"hunny remember
i gave up sweets for lent."  and being the good
catholic man he is, he now has a stash
of candy. until after lent.
He is hording candy any candy he
finds he puts it in his cubby whole. lol

Our sweet friend took care of Baby Elvis for us, so we could get some alone time at
Friday i had valentine's Day lunch with two of
my sisters.

Sweet Elvis with his tia Gladys.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Call me mommy!

Lord a mother's worst nightmare has happened to me thanks to
the hubby.
My little 1 1/2 year old son is calling me Jennie!

 Me: Whaaaaaat did you call me?
Baby Elvis: Jennie (with a big smile)
Me: I am mommy or mama ok. 
Don't call me Jennie...
He then runs off 
 i blame my husband, he loves to scream my name
when he wants something and doesn't want to
get up. lord 
I told him stop calling me Jennie call me 
mama. lol 
My husband thought it was so funny.
here is the video. 

mama lol

Monday, February 11, 2013

In love with love...

I've been so lazy on updating the blog, i get busy then i start cleaning around the house. 
The next thing i know the day is over. 

this weekend i gave Elvis a little basket with Valentin's day stuff.
He was actually excited!
Last year i bought these PBK plates that i love,
got him some got him some new shoes for the summer,socks,pj's
and a piggy bank. ( robot bank).
he loves putting money in his bank, my MIL christened it
with 20 dollars. woohoo! collage here he comes. ;)

My cousin got married in October of last year and her
photographer sent her all the pictures.
beautiful no words...
locations: Queen Mary in Long Beach,CA and
Ebell Club in Long Beach,CA.