Monday, February 11, 2013

In love with love...

I've been so lazy on updating the blog, i get busy then i start cleaning around the house. 
The next thing i know the day is over. 

this weekend i gave Elvis a little basket with Valentin's day stuff.
He was actually excited!
Last year i bought these PBK plates that i love,
got him some got him some new shoes for the summer,socks,pj's
and a piggy bank. ( robot bank).
he loves putting money in his bank, my MIL christened it
with 20 dollars. woohoo! collage here he comes. ;)

My cousin got married in October of last year and her
photographer sent her all the pictures.
beautiful no words...
locations: Queen Mary in Long Beach,CA and
Ebell Club in Long Beach,CA.

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