Tuesday, March 19, 2013

27 years old Blessings

I can't Believe i am 27 years old!
wow i remember when i was 16 and thinking
ten years from is a long time. lol
I feel like it was yesterday that i was
16 years old. Thinking what now?
How can i go on with my life without my
parents? Well life goes go on, and now
i feel like god blessed me with 16 years of
love and support. I am happy to say that
i know what it feels like to be loved
unconditionally. Maybe at that time i didn't
know what that felt, but know i do. As a
mama i fully understand when my mama
would tell me, " no one is going to love
you as much as i do." god mama you
where so right.

1. Blessed to having the most amazing mother and

2. My mama was everything to me and still is.
She was a loving,supportive, patient. She has so
many great qualities.
Best of all she was my friend but always mother first.
I miss your wise words and your amazing cooking.
Nobody cooks like you mama.
You are till this day the strongest person 
i have ever met. The way you handled your
cancer was amazing. You where always 
happy with a beautiful smile in your face,
you are my dear mother my role model.
If i am half of the women you where i can
died happy. Te AMO
3. My daddy he was a great male figure in my life,
a lot of the thing i am, i am thanks to him and mom.
Daddy was a hard working man, you work hard
for what you have. Nothing is ever giving to you.
You have to work. My dad had a great work ethic,
he would never sit still. He always had to be on
the go. working or fixing things around the house.
Can imagine what it feels like to support your
family after grandpa died... you where so young.
I love you papi.
 i am glad to say i am his daughter.
and i miss him your voice your screams.
My daddy didn't talk he screamed. 
4. My Husband and Best Friend.
He came into my life when i need him the most.
God was really looking out for me, when
he put him in my path. i met him months after i
had lots my parents and he was my salvation.
He was a great guy with great moral, strong opinions and
strong, hard working, respectful and loving.
i hit the lottery with him. best part is he
is a devoted catholic which at the time i was
lost. i had lost hope in god. He has really helped
me see god. God is definitely good.
Thank you Jesus
 5. Elvis Xavier Ontiveros II.
My beautiful son, he has brought so
much joy to my life, he gave me
a new title mama! My happy 
smart, energetic baby.

 6. My sisters 
with out them i don't know where i would be.
They are besides my husband and son, the
reason i live. The are always there for me.

7. The Ontiveros Family
Thank you for always being there for 
The Elvis's and I. Thank you 
for all your help and for loving my 
My savior Jesus Christ 

My family in Puerta de la Vega Jalisco Mexico 
and knowing 
where i can from and who i am.

Our home in Mexico...needs some TCL
Being a American! 
Being proud of being born and raced in The
United States of America! 
Thank you for letting me be free and 
have my own opinions. 

 My Health and my family.
 Books, reading on relaxing with
a good book.
 Having a create out let. 

Being a stay at home mom.
 Being able to raise my son,
Thank you for blessing us with

 My New obsession thanks to 
All you southern bloggers. 
 Music is the great for
Our Summer heaven 
Bass Lake.


 My wonderful High school 
Mrs. Kim McKenna
She was such a great support for 
me without her i don't know if i 
would have been able to graduate.

 Party planning and being creative.


 Being there for my niece and
nephews, when ever i can. 

Love and being loved.

My Favorite cousin in 
the world and the person
who was there for me 24/7 
after my parents died besides my
sisters, my cousin Alberto
I can always count on him.

Taking pictures and
finding old pictures.

Dancing until my heart 
learning to welcome 
Jesus in my heart,
it's been a long time. 

Thank you god for another
Year with my family.


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