Monday, March 4, 2013

Beach Day in March...

This weekend it was nice and warm in Socal!
It was 80 ish on Saturday. So after i took my
niece to her tumbling class we headed out to
our local beach!
 my boys..
 Elvis was a little afraid of the crashing waves plus
it didn't help that the water was cold.
 My Elvis loves to flight kites.
 You can hear baby Elvis saying oh wow daddy.
 this is what my niece does everywhere we go.
yep she wants to be a flyer.
 love my sis Ruth she was like my mama after my mommy passed.
 i am honestly the luckiest girl ever, Elvis a
wonderful daddy,uncle,brother, BIL,friend, son
and husband.
He is over all a well rounded person.
You know you can always count and him.
Plus he is easy on the eyes. lol he is very handsome
with a million dollar smile and dimples to die for.
I guess you can tell i love this man.
 Elvis didn't care
much about the water.
too cold.
 Making sand castles with Nina.
 Getting to work.

 Elvis a made a shark eating my sis.
It was a nice weekend over all,
It was my Father in laws birthday.
now we were back to mid 60's and
i am not complaining.
love cool weather!

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