Saturday, March 2, 2013


My niece decided she wanted to become a 
cheerleader. so i found the best cheer gym her
mama can afford. lol 
she is currently attending 
Cheer Force OC for tumbling class. 

Since my sister is a very busy soccer mom and
my nephew team made it to state cup. (go Barca) 
 i have been driving my niece to class
every Saturday morning. So for the
past 3 Friday's i drive over pick her up 
and practice on her skills. well
here is a hilarious video. 
My husband even brought out the
mats. She is scared to get hurt but
we work hard or go home in this family and well 
here is what happens. 

lol no worries she is ok
i told her : see it wasn't that bad.

"no gust no glory!"


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