Monday, March 25, 2013

Mickey mouse loving part TWO!

We had a great time, Here are some more pictures.
Lord baby Elvis was terrified of pirates
of the Caribbean, he cried the whole
Good thing daddy was there to hold him. 
The Jungle cruise. 
With my love...

His favorite place
In daddy's arms.
So blessed to have these two.

 My birthday treats
Pineapple good 
My sister has a pineapple soft served. 
 If you go to Disneyland you must try this...
Mr. Walt Disney's apartment is on top of
the Fire Dept.
Yep Disneyland has there own Fire dept.

favorite place is by his papi's side.
If you have never experience the Flag retreat ceremony, i recommend it. 
It's a touching moment something beautiful to see, they honor ever section
of the military. I cried like aways. So proud to be an American.

This was the reason we went to Disney for my birthday for me and for him.
He was soo happy to see "oh toodles" aka Mickey Mouse.
Or Mi Mouse like my son calls him, we waited around after the flag
WE emony for mickey. about 40 mins. He was out by 5:30 pm.
 The wait was worth ever second, he was so happy to see him.
When it was his turn my husband told him give Mickey a hug.
He ran into his arms, he didn't even look back. After his moment,
We told him to take a picture and he turn and smiled. He was so
happy,then we took a family pic with oh toodles.
I was so glad he wasn't afraid of him. To see the his innocents
in his eyes, how he believe in the MAGIC!
Disney is a MAGICAL place and i am glad i have it
near by. 

Happy birthday to me.

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