Monday, March 18, 2013

My 27th Birthday Party!

So my Husband tells me he was planning a small party
with our families and a few friends.
He said nothing big or fancy just a BBQ.
 Well went you involve my beautiful sister Ruth, a small 
BBQ turns into this.
I was shocked to see her walk in with Roses 
and my favorite flowers Peonies. 
 Well can't say she doesn't know me. =)
 This cake was a total hit. My all time 
favor Strawberry Short cake!
It was soo Delicious....
Everyone was asking me where did 
you get it. 
 love all the small details she puts in. 
 beautiful garden party.
 I had a couple of things here and there 
to add to the party.

 With my boys, such a special moment.
 so happy to have them in my life.

 My best friends my beautiful sister.

 My backyard, love it, so relaxing. 
 Omg this cake was so beautiful and Delicious. 

 Look who i caught thing to steal a cake pop....
 Mr. Elvis, i was like what are you doing. 

 He stayed pointing and trying to act like he wasn't
up to anything. lol 

Elvis helping me blow out my candles,
I wanted to thank everyone who came to
spent time with me on a special day. 
It was a beautiful day and the food
was so wonderful.
Cell phone pictures...i love the lights.

This is my favorite picture, my sister took it on her phone. 

tomorrow on my actual birthday i'll
be in the happiest place on earth with my 
boys and sister. 


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