Friday, March 22, 2013

Where did i spent my birthday?

The happiest place on
earth of course...
I feel like a kids at heart, i love having fun
and being silly, i hate being a grown up.
lol Just kidding.
I do think being a child is the best part
of life. Being careless,young, and free.
I have a young heart...

 Walking into Main Street USA was
magical for The Elvis's.
We had never been as a family. 
Last year Baby Elvis and I
went for The Grand opening
of carsland and Elvis's
First birthday, but daddy
worked that day.
Before i got there i made up
my mind that i wanted Minnie
mouse ears sequins.
So as soon as i arrived i walk up
to the frist stand and bought
Until i saw this hat.
 Omg why didn't i wait?
I should have waited to
get my hat at The Mad Hatter.

When ever i got back i am getting,
this hat. I regret not buying it.
My husband talked me out of
it. Darn you Elvis.
 Hopefully we'll return for Baby
Elvis's Birthday in June and this will be
his next hat. anywhoo moving on.

I was so upset i didn't have time to
watch this. 
Early in the AM with Nina...
Our little Family ready to get our
day started.
Elvis loves his daddy so much,
it's crazy. 
My two favorite boys in
the world...
With my sister Ruth...
"Woow daddy"
Getting tons of love from his

He was so happy to be there,
my sweet angel.
hahaha i can't believe he copied
 Thank you Mrs. Walt Disney
for your great gift to us.

I love these two pictures...

What girl doesn't want to be a princess, everytime i
see the castle i my little girl heart skips a beat.
He headed to Fantasyland!
Fantasyland is my favorite part of Disney,
My husband call me a dreamer and i can't
say i'm not. I love it.
King Arthur Carrousel was out
first ride, he loves it. We the ride carrousel
at the mall all the time.

His happy boy heart can't take it.

Mommy will always be by your side Elvis.

 This my favorite picture of my boys...
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
We didn't get to ride Dumbo, the line was so long and my
husband was complaning...Men
Casey Jr. Circus Train

 Mad Tea Party

Mama's favorite ride, daddy sat out on this one.
Too much for his tummy to take. lol

 After they watched the cups go...

Part Two of Disneyland will
be in another post.


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