Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun Weekend!

This weekend we had a busy weekend.
Saturday we went hiking
 We went to Sturtevant Falls it is a short
trail in Los Angeles National Forest.
The trail is about 2 miles in.
 Then two miles out. total of 4 hours.
 My husband did an amazing job, he carried Baby Elvis
most of the trail.
Mostly up hill which is pretty steep.
We made it! We has our lunch and snacks while we
enjoyed the gift from god. 
My sister Ruth has been coming with us ever weekend.
We decided to take our niece Desi too.
She had a blast couldn't believe there was a
place so beautiful near home.
She told me "i thought we has to drive to Yosemite
to see places like this."
 Yosemite is a five hour drive from
the LA county.

Baby Elvis with his grandma!
We celebrated my MIL birthday this weekend.
Her birthday is on May 9. The same day my
husband and i started dating 10 years ago.
Great day!
My little family at Guadalajara Grill.
My husband and I.


 On Sunday i had a fabulous day with my cousins.
Drinks laughter and had a great time.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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