Monday, July 15, 2013

Cory Monteith...

Wow anyone who knows me knows I have been a
big Glee fan since the beginning. I was completely shocked
Saturday night when I heard the horrible news.

I can't believe it, he seemed like such a warm caring
guy. I totally loved him on glee, his character
didn't know what he wanted to do with his life and
I can totally identify with him, when everyone around you knows what they want and your kind of lost. 

everytime I watched his interviews
he seemed so sweet. He will truly be missed. Glee will
not be the same without him, too young.
My heart goes out to his family and friend, especially
Lea and his mother.
As a person who has lost her parents
I know that
the road up ahead is not easy.
may they find peace in their hearts.
May god help them heal and cope 
With their lost.
Cory is now with your heavenly father.
May he rest in peace.
One of my favorite songs from Glee, so sad to listen to know.
rest in peace.
Love this GLEEK

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Honey we are going to Disneyland...Surprise!

Wednesday night my husband tells me:
"I have to tell you something.
Honey we are going to Disneyland...Surprise!"
Omg what!?! when?
"mmm Friday"
Oh my god Elvis, I didn't even
get a chance to order a shirt
for Elvis.
He was planning on telling me
Friday morning but thankfully
his mom told him that wasn't the
best idea, she need time to get things
together for the baby and get her hair done.
My MIL knows me well thank you!
(been crushing on this dumbo hat but can't justify buying it. love my sons
hat, this two year old birthday hat)
but when my husband says lets go to Disney. well we go.
He really doesn't like to go, my father in law worked  20 plus
years for Disney.
My husband is 1 out of 9 kids, so he is
burnt out. 
Our little family.
He loves Disney so much,
it's In his blood I guess. 
 We took our niece Desi aka our daughter with
us. She is such a wonderful young lady.
She loves Elvis and is a great help.
My favorite ride! Elvis sat it out lol.
Love these three kids.

My boys.
Desi is a very bright young lady, she loves cheer,
the green club and school.
She has dreams of attending USC, and
becoming a lawyer.
We had to stop by and take a picture
with Honor Sonia Sotomayor.
A true inspiration for a Hispanic girl
Me with my favorite president JFK.
Disney really does bring out your inter child. Seeing my almost 13 niece
wave at all the characters. Reminded me that she still has a little girl 5 year old
in there. The imagination of Walt Disney inspired her.



 We had so much fun!

My favorite picture of the day,
Thanks hunny for having a photo
shoot with him while Desi and
I went on Soarin' over California.
Thanks for taking is amor,
Maybe we'll go for Halloween
and Christmas. ;)


Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great forth this week.
I saw this on pinterest and had to make it for 
my boys.
 My little monkey loves taking out the flag 
every morning, so today was super special.
in his undies and all.

We spent the day at my sisters house,
the men grilling and the girls talked. 
My king, my everything. The man i trust and love. 
My sis putting in her yummy potatoes. 
 Elvis and his beloved nene.
The babies enjoying the pool.
A fourth of jolly must, watermelon
jello, and a trifle.

Sweet little stuff...

The kids had a blast with the water guns and pool.
Great food, great company!
Happy Birthday America!
The land of the free because
of the brave!
Thanks to all the men and women
who risk their life for our
I know freedom isn't
Free and we are thankful
for their sacrifices.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Surf's Up Elvis is turning 2

 Elvis turned 2 on Sunday June 30th but we had his
birthday party Saturday.
It was a pretty warm week that week so I rented a water slide.
Best thing I ever did!

I made this burlap for my baby.

My sister made these sweet cookies for
her favorite godson
Made my little love this hat...

This was such a fun party to plan.

Come on in to Elvis's Surf shack...

Had some snacks for the kids while the played.

We bought ever child a small water gun.

The birthday boy getting ready to slide down
with Desi.
Hold on tight baby!

Sweet little girls having fun.

The boys going down with daddy/uncle Elvis.

His first birthday party....awww
I can't believe have fast time has passed. 


Elvis getting lots of love...lucky boy

He just loves his daddy!

The kids told me:
"tia jennie this was the best party ever."
With my sisters
These two little ladies have been BBFS since they where born.

Elvis and his fake smile with mom.

All of Elvis' Little guest!
He loves hitting the piƱata!

Alert, alert Sharks!!! 


Elvis blowing his candle!
Happy birthday Elvis, hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Mommy and Daddy!