Saturday, July 6, 2013

Surf's Up Elvis is turning 2

 Elvis turned 2 on Sunday June 30th but we had his
birthday party Saturday.
It was a pretty warm week that week so I rented a water slide.
Best thing I ever did!

I made this burlap for my baby.

My sister made these sweet cookies for
her favorite godson
Made my little love this hat...

This was such a fun party to plan.

Come on in to Elvis's Surf shack...

Had some snacks for the kids while the played.

We bought ever child a small water gun.

The birthday boy getting ready to slide down
with Desi.
Hold on tight baby!

Sweet little girls having fun.

The boys going down with daddy/uncle Elvis.

His first birthday party....awww
I can't believe have fast time has passed. 


Elvis getting lots of love...lucky boy

He just loves his daddy!

The kids told me:
"tia jennie this was the best party ever."
With my sisters
These two little ladies have been BBFS since they where born.

Elvis and his fake smile with mom.

All of Elvis' Little guest!
He loves hitting the piñata!

Alert, alert Sharks!!! 


Elvis blowing his candle!
Happy birthday Elvis, hope you had a wonderful birthday!
Mommy and Daddy!

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