Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yosemite 2013

What have we been up all summer?
Well at the end of August we went on our
annual Yosemite trip!
It really should be Bass Lake with some Yosemite!
Lol we spent 4 days in central California!
Like I've stated before Yosemite is really a sight to see.
If you have never been it is a must!
It's like heaven on earth, beautiful.
( my sister Ruth and her husband Martin)
The week we went was when the beginning of the
horrible fire that inflamed Northern Yosemite.
We stayed in Bass lake which is near the
South gate entrance. We were not affected
thank god.
But we could still see the smoke.

(My sister Nancy and her family)
We try to go to a new place each year, Yosemite is so huge you have a million
place to go. This year we went to Glacier point.
Look at these amazing views!
(Our little Family)
behind us you can see that huge rock it is called half dome.
Many of my family members hiked this rock.
it's a 16 hours hike.  
My husband wants to hike it next
year and I am not sure I want him too.
Many people have died and it scares me a little.
( The Avina's)
Baby Elvis and his BFF Deuce. 
Kaitlyn and Emma
All the kids and some adults.
 Love this picture
 The boys...
 How cute is this picture. they truly are BFF's.
 With my princess Desi...I can't believe she is taller than me
and is turning 13 soon.
 Angelica, me and baby # 3.
 My baby in devils elbow.

 Ok so a fact about me.
I just learned how to swim.
I took some classes in high school but had some trouble
with my breathing.
This summer my goal was to feel more comfortable
swimming and with my breathing.
 I had 3 classes under my belt when I went to Yosemite.
I also has only swam in the deep pool once but,
all the boys where jumping of this rock in Yosemite,
I took the class because I was over being one on seating out all the time.  
So I made a decision that I was no longer going to be the one watching.
I started to swim out to the rock, then I freaked out.
My husband helped me back and I felt like a failure.
I stayed and watched them for about 10 minutes and
I thought to myself, I am not a quitter!
 So I swam to the rock, the boys helped me up the slipper rock.
Then I had to jump, so I was there for about 10 minutes and I
watching everyone else.
Then I jumped!
 I did it!! It was great I went under and was relaxed.
I didn't panic!! woohoo for me.
Here I am coming up!
So proud of myself.
That raps up our first day.
I wanted to Thank my sister
Nancy for making me take the
Listening to:
Glee- Yesterday!
By the fab and strong
Lea Michele. 

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