Friday, December 20, 2013

Person of the Year! Pope Francis

Time magazine named pope Francis their person of the year.
As a catholic this made me very proud. I think he has given people 
faith in the church again.
Which is great, he really is the peoples pope!
The popes Christmas message:
Quoting Matthew 25: 35-46, the pontiff said "Whoever has nourished, welcomed, visited, loved one of the least and poorest of men, will have done this to the Son of God. On the contrary, whoever has rejected, forgotten, ignored one of the least and poorest of men, will have done this to God himself." 

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  1. Hi Jennifer,I deeply admire Pope Francis and was happy to see him named person of the year. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. In answer to your question about my St Therese... I bought it at Goodwill for about 5.00. I painted it white using a half paint half gesso mixture. You could just prime it with primer first if you prefer, then paint it. There are white statues like this out there but they are hard to find. I hope you find one soon and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. If you add your email to your blog I can answer you directly and privately. Right now you are a no reply blogger, that's why I answered you here. Once again thanks for stopping by, it's always great to connect with other bloggers.