Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Firefighter in Training...

Baby Elvis dreams came true today!
 We called our local fire station and asked 
if we could come over and they said YES!

 The guys where great to the kids,
they let them get on the trucks.

He got to turn on the waterholes.

 He showed them there big latter and saws. 
He told them that he had latter at home too.  

 Wanted to see the big latter up and close. ha

 One of the big fire trucks was coming back from a call and Elvis was so
Happy to see them come in with there lights.
His baby dreams came true today. 

 The Fireman gave him sticks and then before he knew it 
there where 6 firefighters there and paramedics.
 He got a little shy and went to sit down.
This has got to be one of my favorite pictures,
The station is so beautiful and the flag is 
just the icing on the cake.
 He didn't want to leave so i asked him if he wanted to stay and live 
here. He said you come here with me too mom. 

 Thank you to all the wonderful men at
fire station 30 for having us. You guys are awesome.
They made my little man very happy.  

Later on that day I was texting my cousin who is a Sheriff 
here in Los Angeles, i told her about our experience and 
how Elvis loves the firefighters and police officers.
She said she sees him as a little service man already. 
I told her,
All i ask is that he grows up and wants to
service in an way possible. I want to son
to help other people and be charitable. 

My dreams for my son are simple,
that he live life to the fullest, that he be
compassionate to other, that he be respectful
of others and himself and most important
for him to love God with all his heart.
For him to be a good Christian boy.
Those are my wishes and dreams for you son.
That you can do all thing through Christ. 
Just trust in the Lord my son and your
dreams will come true with hard work
and perseverance. 

Can Believe he will be three on Monday.
Thank you God for this amazing gift. 


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